Unit 1 – written assignment

Complete the following Unit 1 Written Assignment for this module by the stated due date on the Schedule. Please submit in the Unit 1 Written Assignment Dropbox as a .doc, .docx, .pdf or .rtf file.
As you begin to think about the nature of Economics and issues within the realm of macroeconomics, this web assignment will guide you through perusing pertinent information on our economy at the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Begin by accessing the Bureau of Labor Statistics website at Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.. (opens in new window)
On the BLS home page on the menu across the top of the page, you will find Subjects. Click on Subjects and select one of these topics:
•    Inflation & Prices
•    Spending & Time Use
•    Employment
•    Unemployment
•    Pay & Benefits
•    Productivity
•    International

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As you will readily see, there are many links within each of these topics. Select the one that most interests you, and write a summary in three to four paragraphs. Include the following:
•    Explain what topic you selected and why.
•    Summarize the information you found on the topic you selected.
•    Describe what information was beneficial and if this information will help you in your future employment endeavors.
(One of the most difficult decisions you will make concerns what field of study you are interested in and what the job opportunities are in that field. Hopefully searching for information on this site will be helpful for making good decisions.)

Make sure you use correct spelling, grammar, etc.
See the Grading and Evaluation, Schedule and Course Rubrics pages in the Syllabus Module for posting requirements, due dates and grading information.

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