Unit 3 literature | Literature homework help

For the Unit 3 Assessment, you will construct an annotated bibliography for one of the works studied in Unit 3.  You must have a minimum of five entries with 50 – 100 words per annotation.  Please see the assignment sheet for more information on how to complete an annotated bibliography.


 Annotated Bibliography     

Annotation Requirements:  

You must include the following in each entry: 

1. Complete bibliographic information. Using MLA documentation, provide the bibliographic entry for each source.  You should already have this in your works cited page. 

2. Concise description of the work. What is the article about? What is the author’s purpose? 

3. Relevant commentary. How credible is this source? Was it published recently?  Can the author speak with authority on this subject?  Use your evaluation worksheets for this part.  How useful is this article to you and why? 

 Sources:  You must have a total of five sources for the annotated bibliography.    While I encourage you to seek out different types of sources (books, articles, websites, films, etc.), I am not requiring that you represent any certain genre in your sources.  In other words, your sources may be any combination of books, articles, websites, films, etc.  If you cannot find a book, move on.  It will not count against you.     

Important Notes: 

1.If you do not follow the requirements for the number of sources, your essay cannot receive above 80. The exact number of points deducted will depend upon the number of sources left out. 

2.Failure to include all required information for each entry will also result in severe penalties. 


Length: 50-100 words per annotation


Format: Times New Roman 12 point font, double-spaced; MLA guidelines

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