Unit: case study: cost of an aging population

  Unit:  Case Study: Cost of an Aging Population


Unit:  Case Study: Cost of an Aging Population

Deliverable Length:  1,400–1,750 words

The population segment aged 65 and older is rapidly increasing, including in the Sunnydale and Shadyville communities. In an effort to help Sunnydale Care prepare for an aging population and possible health care market competition from Shadyville, you are preparing an overview of their options for future expansion.   

In a paper of 1,400–1,750 words, discuss the structure of the long-term care industry

Your paper must include the following providers:  

•Nursing home 

•Assisted living 

•Home health 


•Continuing care retirement community  

For each provider, include the following: 

•Description, overview, and services available 

•Funding sources for services 

•Assessment of trends from the buyer side 

•Identification and discussion of entrance barriers 

•Discussion of quality performance measures and outcomes  

As your final preparation for your paper, make a recommendation for Sunnydale Care regarding which provider option would be the most economically viable for the town of Sunnydale and the broader community. 

Provide substantiated sources to defend your recommendation.   

Adherence to APA standards, including citations and references, is required.


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