Unit vi worker’s compensation essay | OSH 3306 – Workers’ Compensation | Columbia Southern University


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Unit vi worker’s compensation essay | OSH 3306 – Workers’ Compensation | Columbia Southern University
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Workers’ compensation is the only means for workers to be able to support their families monetarily during the time of injury, which sometimes may be for a few months to a few years.

Many workers across America have had a negative, perhaps even slightly hostile, experience with workers’ compensation and have had the need to dispute certain aspects such as compensation, medical bill payment, and level of disability rating among other issues.

For this assignment, write an essay describing the benefit of the dispute process for the state that you live and/or work in. Think about these questions when writing your essay:

  • Why is the dispute process even needed?
  • What are common causes of injured workers disputing the level of benefits or compensation?
  • What are the workers’ rights and responsibilities when dealing with disputes?
  • What is the root cause of disputes? Is it a basic viewpoint of the accident situation in general, or is it a lack of communication, or inaccurate communication between many different groups?
  • How does the dispute process fit into the claims management process?

Your essay should be a minimum of four pages. At a minimum, the resources you identified in your Unit IV annotated bibliography should be used in your paper. The annotated bibliography itself will not be included as a part of the assignment, just the resources you identified. All sources used, including your textbook, must be cited and referenced following APA guidelines, and your essay should be formatted in APA style to include a title page and reference page

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