Variances | Law homework help


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Variances | Law homework help
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Because I understand that this is new to some of you, I thought you might find this free Khan academy video helpful

After you watch this, explain how this knowledge will help you in projecting crime occurrences as well determining the need for more or less patrols in an area.

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Taking crime data over a period of time one see the crimes that are being committed. You can see the frequency of the crimes and the times that the crimes are occurring. For example if five reports come in for car break-ins between that occurred between the hours of twelve and six. This shows that we need to step up are patrols in those areas during those times. Now if we have one murder during the same time in the same area which is a more serious crime. That in itself could explain for the car break-ins. A murder investigation is a large investigation and very resource demanding which would pull a lot of the resources off the street. Now the murder is something that is very hard to combat but the car break-ins is not. Now since there was only one murder the frequency of the murder was one the variance was low but the seriousness of the crime was larger than the car break-ins. With the variance formula one can assign values of the crimes and the distance from each other. One can also see the frequency of the crime and direct the available police resources to those affected areas to combat those problems.



   During a period of time a study could be conducted by a police department and the data can be collected after the completion of the study. Upon collection of this data the areas of the city can be researched and be examined to determine where the worse areas are located, what crimes are being committed, and what is needed to reduce activity in that area. the police department would be able to implement more resources to those areas to reduce criminal activity. The data being collected could also be used to discover what are the most frequent crimes happening and around the time these criminal activities are taken place. This would be very helpful when conducting this study so the departments will know where to send more available resources and what will be needed to combat crime. The variance can help determine the difference or distance from other crimes and the frequency between different criminal activities from more serious crimes to lesser criminal offenses in the selected areas

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