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Guidelines Visual Analysis Essay

Essay Length: 3-4 Word Pages

Visual: Should be embedded in the introduction.

MLA: Use MLA for essay formatting and the work cited list


A. Introduction: 

· Who took the image? When was it taken? Where was it published?

· Briefly describe the image being analyzed. 

· At the end of the introduction, your approved thesis statement.

B. Body Paragraphs: 

· Each question answered in “Analyzing the Image” document above should be thoroughly described within their own body paragraph. 

· Arrange the paragraphs in the order that the questions are listed. In other words, the first paragraph should describe the question answered in step one, the second paragraph should describe the question answered in step two and so on. 

· Make sure that each paragraph contains a topic sentence that summarizes and introduces the question being addressed or answered. 

C. Conclusion: 

· A conclusion should mirror the introduction and reiterate the thesis, but not word for word. Re-state the thesis differently than it was stated in the introduction. 

· Summarize the information covered within the essay using a few sentences. 

· A conclusion paragraph should not mention any new information that was not addressed within the essay. 

This is the question.


 I have attached an outline for the essay too. See the outline for the essay.

 Also, I have attached the sample essay.  

You can find the image I select in the following page.

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