Web systems and web technologies


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Web Systems and Web Technologies


Web Systems and Web Technologies

-Research a selected topic online using IEEE journals, accredited publications and suggested textbooks.

-Prepare 1-page abstract.

-Prepare a minimum 6-page MLA type research paper about your topic.

-Include examples and references.

Explore Web Technologies and discuss how they became an integral part of our culture and way of life in the past two decades. Discuss the Client-Server Model, the Programming languages and the future of the industry. Explain the architecture behind the client-server model, and how the browser (or client) utilizes and interacts with the host (or server).  Discuss the languages that work on the Client Side (Front-End) such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as languages that operate on the Server Side (Back-End) such as PHP, C#, and Ruby. Explore the newest evolving technologies spawning from node.js—a JavaScript framework that made a very big splash when it entered the industry and the cutting edge JavaScript frameworks that are changing the game; from Google’s Angular.js toFacebook’s React.js. Lastly,discuss future technologies in the far horizon that are bound to change the landscape.


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