Website survey: destination memphis | Social Science homework help


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Website survey: destination memphis | Social Science homework help
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Basic Usability Survey Questions:
1. Briefly describe why this website is used

2. Evaluation of the content:
Identify any irrelevant information

Indicate any gaps in the information

List other problems with the content

Identify any information that seems inaccurate

3. Evaluate the organization:
Identify anything that is out of order or hard to locate or follow

List other problems with the organization

4. Evaluate the style:

Identify anything you misunderstood on first reading

Identify anything you couldn’t understand at all.

Identify expressions that seem wordy, inexact, or too complex

5. Evaluate the design:

Indicate any headings that are missing, confusing, or excessive

Give examples of material that might be clarified by a visual

Give examples of misleading or overly complex visual

List other problem with design

6 Identify anything that seems misleading or that could create legal problems or cross-cultural misunderstanding
7. Please suggest other ways of making this website to use

Source: (Delta Air Lines Inc)

Describe How People Read Web Pages


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1 Source


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