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Organizational structure, norms, values, culture, etc., all have an impact on a leader’s success. Consider the new or advancing leader. Such a leader is expected to learn how to effectively perform all of the important administrative and professional/technical tasks. In addition, the leader needs to master the necessary social skills associated with early effectiveness in the new position. Below are 10 “sociopolitical” categories which may influence a transitioning leader’s early (and enduring) effectiveness. These include, in no particular order, the ability to:   

  • enter into an established leader/employee “network.” 
  • sense, as well as use, appropriate communication; influence behaviors. 
  • sense and appropriately act on keen organizational norms. 
  • become aware of, and sensitively interact with, organizational “blockers” and “enablers.” 
  • build political bridges by identifying and relating to key formal/informal power sources. 
  • become known as a “go-to/can-do” individual. 
  • be perceived as a “team player.” 
  • sense key organizational issues upon which to create early vision, initiatives, and value. 
  • identify and appropriately respond to the requirements of superiors/peers/subordinates
  • be perceived as having organizationally appropriate ethics, values, and beliefs.   

Week 2 Discussion Question:

In your view, how important to your enduring success in the job are your early efforts in a new leadership role? Presuming you already have practiced some or all of the 10 items, how did you learn to do so?

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