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Week 3 – Discussion 2


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Designing a Mini-Lesson in Writing or Spelling


Create a mini-lesson in writing or spelling to teach a small group of students (group description below) using an evidence-based strategy from the textbook or from the required articles from Teaching Exceptional Children.  Plan a 15- to 20-minute mini-lesson that addresses the needs of all three students in the group through effective strategies and accommodations for the learners.  Respond briefly to the two reflection questions (in the template) about your lesson.  Respond briefly to the two reflection questions (in the template) about your lesson. Use this mini-lesson template to develop your mini-lesson, and then copy and paste it into the discussion forum to obtain feedback from your peers.

Small group description:
There are three students in this group who are in fifth grade.  One student has a physical impairment with limited use of his hands, one student has a learning disability in written expression, and one student has a learning disability in reading fluency and comprehension. Further, due to these limitations, each student has a fairly short attention span.

Hello Class,

Writing and spelling can be challenging for students with learning disabilities. There are some incredibly effective strategies for working with exceptional learners in these areas, and technology integration can be invaluable. Word prediction software, online organizational tools, spelling/grammar check, and even dictation tools can be all be quite useful in helping students to complete a piece of writing. Graphic organizers are another highly effective tool that help students to organize their thoughts, chunk the information, and assist with formatting. I recommend using graphic organizers for every writing assignment. Here are some great free printable graphic organizers you can access for a variety of genres: http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/unit/graphic-organizers-everything-you-need. 

Here is another fabulous website for writing resources: www.readwritethink.org/. Finally, here are some great ideas for writing instruction from author Nancy Fetzer, incorporating visuals, graphic organizers, and paired gestures: https://youtu.be/n06Zc0PzLG4. 

Happy planning! Looking forward to reading your mini-lessons! Please use this mini-lesson template below




Mini-Lesson Format

Student Name:                                 Grade:                           Disability Area:



Characteristics/needs of the students with disabilities in the group:




Accommodations that need to be made:



Title of Mini-Lesson:


Common Core State Standard:


Procedures (15 minute activity):

 (Provide the steps of instruction or task analysis, based on an evidence-based strategy in the text or a peer-reviewed article of your choice)








1.      How did you ensure that your mini-lesson addresses the needs of the individual learners in the group? 



2.      Why did you choose the strategy you used in this mini-lesson?