Week 3: reflection paper | COUN 5640 OA SU 2020 | Webster University


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NOTE: Using the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Code of Ethics please respond, using APA format, in a 2-3 page paper, to the following ethical dilemma from the text:

You will need to include a cover page APA style, 2-3 page paper APA style, and Reference page APA style.

You will not need an abstract page for any paper for this course, do not include the abstract page.

The attorney representing the wife in a child custody fight has summoned you to court.  You had worked with the husband, wife, and children for eight months before the divorce, and privately you believe that although the husband abuses alcohol without, in your view, being alcoholic, he would be the better primary custodian.  He seems to you more attentive and caring toward the children and better able to hold a well-paying job than the wife.  The wife’s attorney makes it clear to you that she will ask you under oath about the husband’s drinking behaviors. 

  1. Which ethical codes might you consider?
  2. What personal values may come into play as you make this decision?
  3. What would you do to ensure that you are not making a decision based solely on your personal values?
  4. Will you seek consultation?  If so how would you present your concern to your supervisor?  If you would not seek consultation, please explain why.
  5. What questions would you ask yourself in order to arrive at the best decision for the client?
  6. What would be your ultimate solution for addressing this ethical dilemma? 
  7. What would be the outcome for everyone involved?

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