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Company-Level Valuation

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Using the company (Walt Disney)


In this assignment you conduct a two-tier DCF company-level valuation analysis and perform a sensitivity analysis. The requirements of the assignment are as follows:

1. Calculate the Intrinsic Value of Your Company:

You will use the two-tier company-level Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) valuation model to calculate the intrinsic value of your chosen company.

  1. Calculate the Free Cash Flow based on most recent fiscal year data:
  1. Estimate the free cash flows (FCF) available to the firm. To do this you can use the below formula:

FCF = Cash Flow from Operations – Capital Expenditures + Interest * (1 – Tax Rate)

  • The “Cash Flow from Operations” and “Capital Expenditures” can be found on the Statement of Cash Flows in Yahoo! Finance.
  • The Interest expense (if any exists) is on the Income Statement.
  • The Tax Rate can be calculated based on the Tax Expense and Net income (as was performed in the first course project).
  • For additional details on these calculations please refer to this external resource
    1. Specify the WACC
      1. For the discount value you should use the weighted average cost of capital (WACC). You can either use the value you calculated from the initial course project assignment or you can use the value generated by the website www.thatswacc.com.
    1. Conduct the two-tier valuation
      1. You can now combine the two items above to estimate a present value of the firm. You should calculate a high-growth phase value and a terminal value.
        1. High Growth Phase Value: For this phase, assume that in years 1 – 3 the Free Cash Flows are growing by 8% annually.
        2. Terminal Value: For this phase, assume the FCF grow at a constant growth rate of 2.5%.
      2. Calculate the present values of the above phases and add them together for the total present value of the company.

2. Conduct a Sensitivity Analysis:

  1. Vary the following inputs to the two-tier valuation model and indicate the new valuation amount and the percentage change from the above “base” case.
    1. Free Cash Flows
      1. Increase the FCF by 10%
      2. Decrease the FCF by 10%
    2. Terminal Growth Rate
      1. Increase the Terminal Growth Rate from 2.5% to 3.5%
      2. Decrease the Terminal Growth Rate from 2.5% to 1.5%
    3. WACC
      1. Add 2% to the WACC (that is if the WACC is 7.5% make it 9.5%)
      2. Subtract 2% from the WACC (that is if the WACC is 7.5% make it 5.5%)
  1. Observations
    1. State your observations from the sensitivity analysis. How important (conceptually) is the terminal growth rate to overall value? How important is the WACC to overall value?

3. Paper Mechanics:

Please complete your work in Excel. Include all supporting calculations and input data sufficient to follow your valuation model. Your spreadsheet should be professional in its presentation with appropriate formatting and organization.

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