Week 6 portrait | Business & Finance homework help



It has been said  that  “every photograph is a self-portrait.”  Reflect on this  statement and what you’ve learned in this course. 

In a brief 1-page essay, explain  what is meant by the statement  above and how you can apply your learning from  this course to your  future career.

The class looked at,  

In our world, we are bombarded by thousands of images each day. Our  media is extremely complicated and consists of broadcast television,  radio, the Internet, in addition to traditional print like newspapers  and books. Simply by existing, we live in a world of competing images  that are constantly being manipulated; by the creators of these images,  by the media, and by consumers. As a business person, you need to know  how to deconstruct these images and how to interpret the message behind  the media.

Visual communication is somewhat of a misnomer. Visual communication  is really about visual literacy. Literacy in the sense that the visual  aspect of our world needs to be understood before it can be enjoyed and  appreciated. Through analysis, discussion, writing, and image creation,  you will become more aware of the visual world around you. 

The career that should be mentioned is banking, or finance related.

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