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  Wellness Evaluation Lab 1.1

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Learning how to manage personal lifestyle choices is known as the self-help approach. This approach assumes that individuals can control some aspects of the environment that contributes to harming health. This week, you have learned about the eight dimensions of wellness and how there must be a balance between these dimensions to achieve overall health and wellness. For this journal assignment, you will complete a personal assessment of each dimension of wellness.

To begin, assess your personal wellness by completing Laboratory 1-1: Wellness Evaluation on pages 21-26 of your course textbook. Write out your results and answers to these questions so it is easier to reference them within your journal (evaluation results are attached).

In your journal, examine the effects of certain lifestyle factors on your wellness and think critically about your overall wellness by addressing the following bulleted items:

Describe your wellness score for each area of wellness.

Discuss your three weakest dimensions of wellness.

Explain what current lifestyle factors lead to these weaknesses.

If this dimension is not improved, what chronic disease may be the result? Use a reference to support this relationship.

Explain your three strongest dimensions of wellness.

Which of your lifestyle factors led to these strengths? Explain how.

Discuss one way you can improve one of your weakest dimensions of wellness.

For the journal assignment, write out each question and then answer it. Your journal should be a minimum of one page in length (not including the title page or reference page). As a minimum, include one reference in your response to this lab activity. Include an APA formatted title page and reference page.

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