What do you think? do the costs of globalization outweigh its

Length: five to seven pages 1500 – 2100 words



Globalization, referred to as Americanization by some people, is considered a set of complex processes by which goods, services, capital, ideas, and culture are exchanged on the international level. This means that globalization is not just an economic phenomenon, but also political, technological, cultural, and social in its scope, as Anthony Giddens claims in his essay “Globalization” (17).


Many writers, including Giddens and G. Pascal Zachary, acknowledge both the positive and negative effects of globalization. Supporters argue that globalization benefits the world through the promotion of such ideals as human rights, democracy, and freedom and that it enhances the prosperity of the world through free trade, free investment, and better technology (Norberg).

On the other hand, critics argue that we need to control the “runaway” global process because it widens economic inequality (Giddens 22); increases consumption of world resources (Rooney), resulting in environmental disaster (Zachary 29); creates homogeneity among world cultures (O’Connor 162); and violates local norms of propriety (Bayles 174).


What do you think? Do the costs of globalization outweigh its benefits?  (It’s essay question!!!)


Write an essay in which you argue for or against globalization. Although there are diverse effects of globalization, to avoid superficial coverage of each topic, do not choose more than three main effects of globalization. You need to introduce opposing views and successfully counter them in your discussion to construct a strong argument. Also, as this assignment requires synthesizing different source materials, it is vital to make clear connections among source materials and between your own ideas and those presented in sources.



In your essay, you should formulate a clear and focused thesis and provide a detailed account of your evidence. For this assignment, you need to provide at least seven sources, three of which should be outside sources. ( four of which should be in Articles List !!!!)

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