What is Newsworthy? 

Unit 4: What is Newsworthy?  This week you will write your first “newsworthy” newspaper article.  First, do some research.  Peruse reliable sources such as the library databases (Gale, EbscoHost, Worldbook, etc), in addition to the NYT, WSJ, CNN, NPR, etc.  What topic do you think is newsworth?  ( Coronavirus, Science and Medicine, Schools Reopening, Social Justice Issues, Climate Change, Politics, Mental Health, etc.  These are just ideas, you may select your own topic.  Once you have decided on a topic of your choice, conduct research.  You may use the sources listed above, the internet (as long as the sources are reliable), interviews, etc. Use the information that you have gathered to write an article of 500+ words.  Please include a headline (title), byline (author’s name – you) and the written article.


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