What Is Telemedicine?

INTRO:Describe what telemedicine isDescribe how telemedicine places a role in healthcareIntroduce how telemedicine relates to what is learned in this class and my future professionIntroduce the topics talked about in the bodyBODY:Telemedicine from the point of view of a patientTelemedicine from the point of view of a health care providerIntroduce talking with a health care provider about their experience with telemedicineQuestions asked to Family practice physician, Dr. Gregory Berland:What have you liked about Telemedicine?What have you disliked about Telemedicine?Have you experienced any technical struggles when dealing with Telemedicine? If so, can you elaborate on the struggles you faced?In your opinion, how do you think Telemedicine could improve?Does partaking in Telemedicine put a patient at risk for their health information to not be confidential or not?Explanation and examples of how telemedicine relates to HIT and possible future professionsCONCLUSION:Reiterate what telemedicine is againMake note of important keynotes mentionedHow telemedicine could improve in the long run.


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