What is the importance of good writing skills

Have you ever wondered why instructors give you so many written assignments? The answer is because writing helps you develop in many ways. In your course project you will work on creating your own essay about the importance of developing good writing skills. In this lesson you will be “Exploring” themes for your Course Project.  You have a couple different ways to approach this topic. Your options are:

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Academic level of your paper

Type of Paper

When is it due?

How many pages is this assigment?

  • Research the significance of writing skills in your current or future profession


  • Research the benefits of effective academic writing

Using the information you gather during your research, choose the option you prefer to develop an essay for your course project.  Remember, your course project is one fully developed essay that is written in multiple steps.  Make sure that your topic is narrowed down so that you can begin to generate supporting ideas about the importance of writing.

 For Lesson 2, submit:

  1. A summary paragraph introducing the approach to the topic you’ve selected and your rationale for the selection;
  2. A summary paragraph describing the intended audience for your essay and how the audience affects other pre-writing consideration;
  3. A summary paragraph explaining the tone you plan to use for this written assignment and why;
  4. A summary paragraph indicating the types of supporting content you will look for to support your thesis statement; AND
  5. Any questions or concerns that you have regarding your topic, the details you need, research, etc.

Needs to be at least 900 words and is due on Friday 4-20-2018

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