What role does emotion play in logic? due 7/4/16

WHAT Role does EMOTION play in LOGIC ?

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1) MLA-format: Heading, Abstract, Body (with Citations), and Works Cited;

2) Size-12 Times New Roman Font

3) Double-spaced

4) Two sources – One Wittgenstein with at least two quotes to back your ideas up, and one source of your choice on emotion

5) 1000 -2500 words


SO – at least two sources; you should use the Squashed Philosophy website (see Web Links) for the Wittgenstein – try to have two quotes from his work on logic and the world; find info on emotion and have at least two quotes from that source to back your ideas up.


I am fascinated by this topic and have written a number of papers on it; of course, I will reveal what I have found about emotions role with logic next week, so I need your pages by Sunday. If you get a paper to me early I can work with you on it. I am really interested in what you think. Too often, we wait to have our ideas made by others – think for yourself. The paper should be well-argued (not merely reported), MLA-formatted, two to five pages, at least two sources with at least two quotes each, and have a citations and work cited page.

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