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1. A research project (term paper) is mandatory in order to pass this course. You cannot recieve a passing grade unless the paper is submitted by the last day of class (December 9)


2. It must be ten to twelve pages in length and conform to the criteria for the submission of written work as detailed in item XI below.

3. No cover page or binding is necessary, but you must incluse a bibliography and citations. Refer to The Criminal Justice Student Writers Manual (required text) for the proper way to present citations and organize a bibliography.

A. Investigating Corporate / White Collar Crime: (2 Sources – Marcopulous)

– The recent losses sustained within financial markets and the impact on so many people have helped to expose examples of serious criminality on the part of people in positions of priviledge and trust; the executive types, people who are already very well off financially but insist on unlawfully taking even more. Essentially, they are common criminals. Some of their crimes have been particularly egregious. Their activities are not limited to “Ponzi” schemes, but include all kinds of securities frauds, insider trading, institutional corruption, fiduciary fraud, misuse of escrow funds and thefts of pensions and savings. False advertising, price fixing, price gouging, and deceptive practices by telemarketers, contractors and service providers also come within this description, as do crimes committed by government employees, elected and appointed officials and all types of political corruption.

– The perpetrators of these crimes are usually somewhat more sophisticated than the average street criminal. Their modus operandi is usually more complicated and their crimes much more profitable, requiring a more complex investigation. How are these crimes much more profitable, requiring a more complex investigation. How are these crimes investigated and who investigates them? What are some examples of recent “white-collar” crimes and how much were the criminals caught? How is corporate crime controlled by legislation; could RICO laws be used against corrupt corporations, agencies and their executives? Consider mentioning information from the following text (Criminal Ivestigation, 11th edition, Christine Hass Orthmann and Karen Hess, Delmar Cengage Learning, 2013. ISBN-13: 978-1-285-86261-3.)


– I am attaching an outline and my Introduction in the same document.


– 12 POINT



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