Wk 3 script for video

The way the teacher introduces and reinforces procedures, technology, and behavior expectations sets the stage for building the community within the classroom. When teachers have clear and consistent procedures and expectations, students are more likely to be successful.


Explainer Video

I have to create a video choosing two classroom expectations, procedures, or rules from the digital presentation I created in Topic 2. 

Your explainer video should include:

  • – Introduction of two expectations, procedures, or rules and how they will be implemented in your classroom.
  • – Important tasks inherent to the expectation, procedures, or rules.
  • – How setting the stage introducing expectations, procedures, and rules helps to create a culture of community within the classroom.
  • – Challenges faced when creating the classroom as a community.
  • – Specific strategies to establish discipline, rewards, and consequences in the classroom.
  • – How to use technology to promote community and authentic learning experiences.

I attached the ppt created to use for an outline.  I only need 2-3 min of the above bulletpoints to record.

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