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WK5CT: Leadership Decision Making

Select a decision that Thomas is faced with. Research decision-making approaches and apply one approach to the decision.

Background Introduction:

Devise Products Unlimited (DPU) is a large manufacturing firm employing about 150 people. Martin Thomas, CEO, started the organization 30 years ago out of the basement of his home. Over the years he built his organization by acquiring several competitors’ businesses. His firm manufactures electronic parts for a variety of electronic devices. Thomas operates DPU in one location, which includes manufacturing, parts, service, sales, engineering, quality control, and administrative operations. He contracts with dealers to sell products throughout the world. The facility is divided into several departments, providing the most efficient assembly process possible, including a parts manufacturing department.

Thomas is described as an aggressive Type-A personality. He is involved in every aspect of his organization. He is known to be the first to arrive and the last to leave. Even when he is not in the office, he is known to use surveillance cameras that are set up throughout the organization to view what is going on.

Case study: The CEO of Devise Products Unlimited (DPU) is changing the overall culture of his business and to do so he is implementing the “Fish Philosophy”. He is trying to determine what primary leadership style is needed within the organization to implement this change and is considering changing the leadership style to a transformational leadership style. Research decision-making approaches and apply one approach to the decision.

1. What decision-making approach should be applied here and describe what this approach is about?

2. Why is this best decision-making approach for this scenario?

3. Can this approach be used for other decisions, why or why not?

4. Why might this leadership approach not work for some?

5. Why is it important to use the right decision making approach?

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