Work application plan–urgent- due in 6hrs

Workplace Application Plan

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In the following assignment, students are asked to consider all course content to develop a Workplace Application Plan for Harley Davidson Motorcycles. 

  1. Review Harley Davidson, videos and articles included in the assignments folder.
  2. Reflect on the Pink and Grant texts, class discussions and previous assignments.
  3. Prepare a 4 page Workplace Application Plan that includes the following:
  • History of Harley Davidson based on provided resources and/or additional outside resources.
  • Identify 2 clear aspects of Harley Davidson Organizational Behavior and Culture that directly support Harley Davidson’s organizational goal achievement.
  • Identify 2 clear aspects of the Harley Davidson Organizational Behavior and Culture that directly diminish Harley Davidson’s organizational goal achievement.
  • Identify 2 recommendations for change that are aligned with current Harley Davidson operations and that support organizational goal achievement.
  • Based on course content, describe 2 organizational steps that must occur to support the organizational change.
  • Conclusion.  Why is your organizational Workplace Application Plan important for Harley Davidson’s long term career success?  

All papers should follow APA guidelines, reference course content and include original student thought.

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