Working girl | Human Resource Management homework help


  • Describe the specific theories, assumptions, or “schools of thought” that the characters in the film have. How do their schools of thought differ?

In the beginning of the movie the outlining assumption of the main character who was a receptionist, was that corporations did not hire night school graduates to be executives.  Only Harvard graduates are qualified or eligible for executive positions and night school graduates were only hired to be receptionist or administrative assistance.   She also felt like executives will not listen to a receptionist unless they bend the rules.  She said that “No one was going to listen to her.  You can bend the rules plenty but not when you’re trying to get to the top but if you’re someone like me (a receptionist) you can’t get there without bending the rules”. Another character who was a female executive and the main characters boss, had a theory that, “you don’t get anywhere in the world by waiting for what you want to come to you, but you have to make it happen”.  The boss also had an assumption that for you to be taken seriously you must dress and look the part.  A male character who was an executive had the theory that you should not take things too seriously.  The difference between the characters is that it takes different measures to get a head in the corporate world.  One feels education and the others felt oneself.   

  • How do the main characters change over the course of a film? How do their goals or desires change? Do they see themselves differently by the end of the film?

The main character started to change once she realized that her boyfriend was cheating on her and that her boss stole her idea.  This is when she realized that she needed to change her way of thinking, change her appearance and how she needed to speak.  She also changed how she viewed the world and how she was going to get ahead in life.  Her passion and her drive to get a head in the corporate world changed with her initial theory of only being qualified to be a receptionist.  She listened to her boss and took her theories to heart that you must make things happen and which she did throughout the entire movie.  The main character saw herself extremely different at the end of the film.  She realized that she was confident, sophisticated, intelligent and beautiful.  She also saw herself as being more than just a secretary and that she’s capable of doing whatever she set her mind to do.

  • Which reflective theory from the course best illustrates the process the main characters go through during the film? How so?

The reflective theory that best illustrates the main character would be, The Self-Authoring Mind.  I feel like the main character had to take a step back and evaluate her social environment which meant her friends, her relationship, herself and even the people she surrounded herself around at work in order for her to make a determination of how things should look and work in her life externally.  In the beginning of the movie she was willing to believe what she was told about being a beautiful night school graduate, but she realized that she needed to self-direct her thinking, take a stand and regulate the boundaries on her behalf.   Once she gained confidence within herself and realized that she was just as qualified as everyone around her, she found her voice as well as the fire in her belly that made her determine to get the job done.

  • Would you say that the main characters evolved or grew after learning something that was new, or a new approach, a new theory, or a new understanding of their place in the world?

All through the movie you saw growth with the main character, and she evolved every time she learned something new.  The main character was like a sponge.  She listened to those who mattered and could help her.  Every new approach and theory she heard she listened and made smart and calculated decision based on what she learned.  There were so many life lessons in the movie to help not only the main character but those who would watch the movie.  The movie has the effect to make you change your way of thinking as well.

Initially the main character was naive, but she quickly realized she needed to be more.  She learned this through her boyfriend at the time who cheated on her, she then learned this from her boss as well as her business partner who then at the end of the movie became her love interest.  The main character evolved from a working secretary to an executive (Working Girl).


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