Write an extended definition by choosen a word below: 2 pages mla



Choose one of the following items and write an extended definition:




corporate citizenship




peace of mind


survival of the fittest


“might makes right”


“bless your heart”


“what comes around goes around”


“you pay for what you get”


None of the terms or phrases has one simple definition that everyone agrees upon. All of them would take a full conversation to explain. This essay must have an introduction, body, and conclusion. You must have a thesis statement (which will be your one definition). There are no wrong answers in this essay, but you must provide enough information to support your definition. Do not do any research, look up anything to inform your ideas, or use any outside sources; all of the material in this essay will come from what you already know or think. Be sure to actually define the term before you move on to offer examples (if you want to use examples). Remember, defining a term as “like” or “when” something else is not providing a definition, but an example or a comparison. Do not fail to offer the definition before offering the examples. Also, do not write a report on a word’s history. Write an argument for what the word means in whatever context you are supporting. If you write about a phrase, remember to write it in quotation marks (quotation marks are not necessary for the individual terms available). Never use just the term or the phrase as a separate sentence in your essay; follow the essay grading criteria to ensure that you avoid costly grammatical errors. You are encouraged to ask questions about this essay throughout the writing process. I am happy to look over thesis statements or portions of the essay as you work on it (but not the whole essay). Do not let the day the essay is due be the day you ask your questions. Make sure you ise the three basic parts of a formal definition in your extended definition: term, class, differentiation.


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