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Written Assignment 8 requires students to use the skills gained in Module/Week 8 to create an e-commerce plan for a Christian-based sport or entertainment organization in about 1000 words.The opening paragraph should introduce the topic and share the established research on which the concepts of the assignment are based.        Define what E-Commerce isWhy it is importantWhat do the experts recommend the content to beEach assignment should have:        An opening paragraph introducing the topic to be discussed.Supporting paragraphs with citations from academic research.            Consider grouping like-items together in paragraphs and support the paragraph with academic information from research.Closing paragraph which ties back into the opening and summarizes the assignment.Support ideas for the plan with academic research from the Liberty library especially journals. Review document on Academic Research by following this path:        Course Content > Professor Powell Specific Course Information > Gathering InformationReview the rubric for the assignment before beginning the writing so you have clear guidelines for the expectations.Course Content > Assignment Instructions > Written AssignmentsWrite in APA format for citations, references, and title page.        Course Content > Professor Powell Specific Course Information > various documentsLooking for quality graduate-level writing with strong sentences and strong paragraphs.These assignments are best supported with around three references.Please make sure to write in paragraph format, do not number or bullet the items presented. 


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