You are preparing a powerpoint presentation to senior leadership,

You are preparing a PowerPoint presentation to senior leadership, documenting a
THIS MUST BE DONE APA FORMAT.  Must put notes in POWERPOINT 11-12 slides with correct citations and references
Assume one of the following roles and viewpoints as you complete the assignment:
· Principal for a private school for K–12
· Principal for a public school
· Hiring manager for institution of higher education
· Military (overseas or domestic)
· Corporate training managers (or HR staff responsible for training)
You are preparing a PowerPoint presentation to senior leadership, documenting a recruitment, selection, and development plan for a position within your organization. Your presentation must include at least the following:
· A description of the organization, and how the position fits into the mission and current strategy of the organization.
· A description of the position requirements.
· A recruitment plan, incorporating both internal and external recruiting.
· A selection procedure to be followed and selection documents to be used.
· A development plan applicable to the position, describing both internal and external development, with career as well as job task development considered.
· Citations and references as they apply to the job itself, or to the processes of recruitment, selection, and development of employees. 
Supplement:11-12 slides with notes and has to be APA format with references

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