You have two prompts to write about. you must have two initial

You have  Two  prompts to write about. 

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You have two prompts to write about. you must have two initial
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Check the rubric for what is graded to insure that your post is sufficient to get all possible points.

You must have two initial posts.
Initial Posts MUST have 150 word minimum

APA writing includes in-text citations and references

Do not copy the prompt, write so that you are answering the question in an essay format. Use the prompt to help you write to the topic.

Prompt 3:
Do states give up all power to withdraw when they join a union of states, or do they still retain some control over their fate? Would a union last if states could leave? What challenges would states face if they operated alone?

Prompt 4:
Affirmative action has been a controversial policy. Opponents charge that affirmative action creates group rights and establishes quotas, both of which are inimical to the American tradition. Proponents of affirmative action argue that the long history of group discrimination makes affirmative action necessary and that efforts to compensate for some bad action in the past are well within the federal government’s purview. Is affirmative action positive or negative or both? Discuss how?

Textbook is attached…

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