Your assignment is to create a 5-page argumentative/persuasive



The Task


Your assignment is to create a 5-page argumentative/persuasive research paper given one of the following options:


Option 1. Argue for or against an established theory involving Mergers and Acquisitions or


Financial Ratio Analysis.


Option 2. Argue for or against your own theory involving Mergers and Acquisitions or Financial


Ratio Analysis.


Option 3. Argue for or against a business decision, organizational plan, business philosophy, policy decision, or concept related to a merger event. If possible, include elements of Financial Ratio Analysis.


The paper should cite approximately eight peer reviewed full text journal articles retrieved from ProQuest, BE & T, InfoTrac, and Academic OneFile. Your paper should integrate at least the following elements:


 The presentation of a firm position regarding your stance or theory.


 An offering of a strong position using evidence-based argumentation.


 An address of opposing points as to present a well-rounded argument controlling personal


biases and strengthening your argument while diminishing the opposition’s points.


 An effort to use evidence and argument flow as to instill a sense of trust into your reader.


Do you feel stuck while planning your argument? If so, then try jumpstarting the assignment by using the following steps:


1. Choose a stance you believe in and write down why you believe in the stance.


 Ask yourself the following questions:


 Who is my audience and which points will they be interested in?


 What kind of tone am I assuming for my argument?


 Does my tone match the audience? (If not, consider changing your tone.)


 Am I engaging in a fallacy or illogical stance? (Make sure you make sense or no one will believe you!)


 Would someone agree or disagree with me given my points? (Argue with yourself as to find the strengths and weaknesses of your stance.)


 Am I making a moral or cultural argument? (If so, you may need to reconsider a stance able to utilize scholarly literature.)


 Can I research my stance? (If not, you may need to consider a new stance.)


2. Research as to find the evidence needed to support your stance or theory. Seek the needed facts, quotes, and existing research you can use for your argument


3. Outline and write the essay starting with the evidence-supported defense of your points and


slowly transition into an address of opposing points.


4. Provide a brief summary of the argument as to conclude the essay.


The analysis requires the additional components:


 One nameless/anonymous or web reference.


 Two APA formatted short quotes used to support the paper.


 One APA formatted figure that you created that helps support your argument and research findings.


 APA formatted paper including:


o Font: Times New Roman, 12 point, and double spaced.


o Margins: One inch margins, all around.


o Indents: One-half inch indent as to begin a paragraph.


o Proper APA citations and references.


o Proper use of Level 1 headings as to label the introduction, main body, and conclusions




o Proper use of Level 2 headings as to label the sections within the main body and




o A proper title page.


o A reference page utilizing hanging indents and alphabetized by the last name of the first author.


 Free of spelling errors and minimal use of passive voice.




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